Friday, 3 May 2013

Overthinking... Justice

If there was one benefit to being sick, I would say it is the fact that you get plenty of time to think about plenty of things.. Over the past week I have been very sick with a cold, and if I wasn't sleeping I was lying around thinking about things, or just writing stuff down...

One thing I have been really thinking about is Justice.. How many times do you hear people on TV or Radio complaining about their Bills and how the prices are unjust? They get on there and they complain and say how the deserve justice.. but justice isn't lowering our water-bills, justice is providing water for those who don't have water(or at least not clean water).. Justice is levelling the playing field, so that everyone gets to play, so the everyone gets to eat, so that everyone gets to hope.. We should be striving to seek justice, whether we are christian or not, whether we feel like our current place in life is unjust or not,  as Christians we should be striving to bring justice for the glory of God.. And there are so many ways we can do our part to help bring justice, if everyone did their part and worked together we would be able to remove poverty as we know it and instead have the just world we all want!  We can sponsor children, donate money to companies like World Vision and Compassion, donate money to Missionaries, Go on missions trips and help bless people, pay for others to go on missions trips, we can give prayer support, words of encouragement ect the list goes on and on! Instead of spending all your 'spare' money on things like extra clothes that you really don't need, or upgrading to the latest Phone just because you can, or buying a ridiculous amount of makeup/shoes/games and any other items that we really don't need.. why not help others get the basic things in life that they need?
I'm not saying we can't go and treat ourselves to things.. but don't you feel bad knowing you have all this money to spend on whatever you like, when there are people who can't afford food and water, or an education? So go on, take heart, get out of your comfort zone and take a stand for justice and for God.. we have the power to end this, the question is: "Will we? Will we take the stand and fight for justice?"

#yeahsomeonehasbeenthinkingtoomuch! :P

Jazz =)

Monday, 15 April 2013


Why is it easier to give advice then to take it/use it?
This one gets me all the time.. I mean there are many times I am going through something, then someone who is going through that same thing asks me for advice, and so I tell them.. yet I don't use my own advice. It kinda makes me feel hypocritical.. coz I'm not doing the whole "Practice what you preach" thing, but I guess it is just part of being human, but I would really like to learn to take some of the advice I give out, because I know it works.. otherwise I wouldn't tell other people to do it :P lol my conclusion is: humans are strange :P

#aboveallthingsthatarerandom :P
Over and out!
Jazz =) 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Last Hope?

Should God be our last hope? Have you ever noticed people these days are like: 'God is my last hope' .. God shouldn't be our last hope! We shouldn't turn to him when we are totally overwhelmed! God should be our first hope! The one we turn to in everything, the one to keep us from getting to the point of being overwhelmed.. God doesn't deserve to be left until last, he deserves being our first choice all the time! God should be first in Friendships, relationships, our future and in our everyday lives! God just has to be number 1! 

I notice that when I get off track with God, I get off track with life, it all seems so much harder without him! When I put friends or worldly things above God, my whole perspective on life changes and I become so much less of a good person! But anyway just a quick note to remind y'all to keep putting God first! He should be the first person you talk to of a morning, and the person you are talking to when you are falling asleep, and all in between we should be staying in constant contact with God, almost like constant prayer, it is hard, but it is totally worth it! =D 

Jazz! =) 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sick of being sick, or sick of not getting my own way?

For those who don't know, I am 17 and currently doing my year 12 homeschooling! What relevance does this have to my post? Well let me go on!

A few years back, I got myself into an argument with my brother being the rough and physical family we are, he then tried to throw a punch at me so I ran away! While running through the kitchen I got stuck at an open cupboard and so my brother pushed me into this open cupboard! Result: I hit my jaw on the cupboard shelf and got major whiplash, it effected my Jaw, back, shoulders and neck! So there was a lot of trips to the Physio's and what not to try and help with my injuries.. but alas they had already taken their toll, instead of my usual 9pm-7am sleep I started getting less and less, till I was going to sleep at 2am and waking up at 3-4am, it was horrible living off such little sleep!!! With lack of sleep comes a lot of other things too, a massive drop in school grades, sickness, enormous over tiredness, the beginnings of depression*which I battled off* and all the sorts! I was truly a wreck!

To this day, those injuries bombard me regularly, whether it be my Jaw randomly popping out of place, or my back muscles having a spasm attack! It really makes doing the things I love (such as cricket and farm work) very hard! And my sleeping pattern sometimes goes crazy again *recently its been really bad*
As well as the physical problems I am stuck with, there are the emotional and mental things! I went from being in Grade 10 and being 2 years ahead in school, to now being almost half a year behind in my year12 work, I should of been finished school last year or the year before *according to the rate I was going* But now I am stuck with this force of pure frustration, everyday its the same old pattern of not getting much school at all, wasting way too much time on Facebook and having my parents go off at me for not doing enough school!
And I get these recurring thoughts where its like "What is the point of wasting my time doing school!?"

But what I am trying to figure out is.. am I sick of being sick? Or am I sick of not getting things the easy way, when I want and how I want? If I were to compare my 'Struggles' with those of others, I think I would soon realize that as much as it hurts, as much as it is tough, what I feel is nothing compared to some people... In the end it comes down to mind over matter! Yes, I am having trouble physically, but my main struggle is the emotional and mental one! I feel myself bending to the point of breaking, but I am being stretched and really I am learning more and more, I guess this is all a growing time!!!
Just ask anyone who has known me over the last couple of years, yeah I am still the random crazy chick I have always been, but with that has come a lot more of the christian qualities I so badly need! Tolerance would be the big one, tolerance of other peoples personalities, their needs and their wants, tolerance of pain and hardships, tolerance when things just aren't going my way! Obviously I am not suddenly perfect or anything but here is an example of how my tolerance has grown:
So there is this girl I have known for years and years, when we were younger, we never liked each other, in fact I simply could not stand her!!! I could not tolerate her personality, it conflicted with mine so badly that she just drove me insane!! But awesomely last year, after years of dislike for each other, We started chatting again via Facebook, things were still a bit rough, but it was a start! I guess we had both matured a lot and so we were able to tolerate each other! Now we have restored our friendship, and we are like Sisters, though things can be rough still, but all friendships are like that! So it is just crazy how God can grow us, in ways that allow us to make friends with people we never thought we would ever get along with!!!

The more I reflect the more I realize, its not being sick, that I am sick of.. it's the not getting what I want, when I want, how I want it and where I want it!!! It's greed and human nature, trying to break out and take control! But I need to hold and keep God in control! He is the only one who can ever make me truly happy!! :D I'm not looking for sympathy, or recognition or anything of the likes! I just wanted to share where I am at at the moment and what has been going on with me recently! :D

Hope Ya'll Enjoy,
Jazz =)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Seeing is Believing?

There is a common saying that goes something like 'Seeing is Believing' and yeah I guess it is.. I mean think about it, how many times have you chosen not to believe something until you have seen it for yourself?
But I am thinking about 'Seeing is Believing' and I am beginning to wonder of maybe it would be more or just as accurate to say 'Believing is Seeing' let me explain this 'saying'
The reason I thought of this is: When we Believe in God, we are seeing the deeper meaning of life, we are seeing the hidden things that only believers can truly see!!! Believing (in God) is seeing miracles take place before our eyes!!! Believing is seeing the problems in this world and wanting to change them!!! Believing is seeing that every cloud has a silver lining!!!

This is really just food for thought, but I mean seriously, think on it.. Believing is seeing, just as much as seeing is believing!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Laters, Jazz =) 

Monday, 25 February 2013

The God-Pilot Analogy!

I was thinking about people who say "I don't have enough faith or trust to believe in God" or "How do you expect me to give my life over to someone I don't even know exists?" These people say: "Why would I put my life, trust and faith in someone I can't see? Sure I can 'Hear God's voice', sure I can 'See God's works' but how do I know these things are from God and not just my imagination or the works of people? How do I know God isn't just some made up 'Story' designed to make people feel safe, loved and secure?"
As I thought about these things, I thought of this: "People can go hop in a plane, they put their lives, trust, and faith in the pilot and his abilities to keep them safe and well. They can't see this pilot, they can hear his voice over the speakers, they can see his work, in that he is flying the plane. But how do they know for sure that there is a pilot? How do they know that it isn't all just some 'story' to make people feel safe?"
In this analogy what is the difference between God and the Pilot? I simply cannot see a difference!!! Next time someone asks why they should put faith in something they can't see, as in God, mention an analogy like this, it's not made to prove a point, it's not made to judge people, it is simply to get them thinking about what faith is and how much of it they really have!

God Bless~ Jazz =)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Potential.. as I sat there, the word wouldn't leave my mind! Potential, it echoed in my mind getting louder and louder.. Potential... Then I began thinking. What is Potential? "Adj: Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.
Noun: Latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness" 

Then I realised, potential is something people struggle with everyday, I personally have been struggled with it. The way people struggle with potential is they begin to think they have no potential, they think "I am worthless", "I have no future", "How could I ever change the world?", "How could I do anything for the good of mankind?" ect.. They think "I have no potential" 

That is one of the biggest lies anyone could ever tell themselves! Everyone single person on earth has potential! Everyone has the chance to change the world, everyone is worth more then they will ever know! The way you grew up doesn't determine whether you have potential, what you look like doesn't determine whether you have potential, your grades at school don't determine whether you have potential.. In fact, you don't need to determine whether you have potential or not, because everyone has potential!!! God has a plan for you and if you are
willing to live by his plan he can help you reach your highest potential! :)

Hope you Enjoy,
Jazz =)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Favourite Christian Bands/songs

Hey all just for something a bit different, What are some of your favourite Christian bands/songs?? comment below!

Here are some of mine:
  • Francesca Battistelli: her song "Beautiful Beautiful" is one of my favourites
  • Britt Nicole
  • Hillsong/ Hillsong United
  • Chris Tomlin
  • Matt Redman
  • Relient K
  • Switchfoot
  • Tenth Avenue North: "By your side" is a great song
  • Jesus Culture
  • Tim Hughes 
There are heaps more I could add to the list but these are the first 10 that came to mind :P 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

God's love :)

As I sat there praying, I suddenly had the urge to sing, so without even really thinking I started singing:
"Savior I come

Quiet my soul remember
Redemptions hill
Where Your blood was spilled
For my ransom
Everything I once held dear
I count it all as lost

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me, lead me to the cross

You were as I
Tempted and trialed
You are
Te word became flesh
Bore my sin and death
Now you're risen"

I hadn't sung this song for over a year, I hadn't even heard it for ages! I don't even know how I knew the words.. But somehow during that time of fasting and prayer on the Monday at APJ, God put the words of that song on my heart.. As I sang it, God's love for us, for me, was really revealed to me! I mean God gave his ONLY son Jesus to DIE on the cross for OUR sins, for MY sins.. The perfect sinless man, payed the price for my sin! But why? Why would he pay such a high price for me? Simple but true answer: Because he Loves me!"
Something I have heard a fair bit recently is: "Why did God create us? Because he wants to share his love with us!" And that is so true! God didn't just make us to keep him company, to have dominion over the earth, or glorify him! He also made us so that he could love us!

Jazz =) 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Randomness :P

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I just discovered the fact that you can make the text different colours on here.. :P I am so slow sometimes :P well I haven't actually done much blogging on the actual computer as of yet, most of its been on Mobile Phones.. I love different coloured text!!! :D :P 

LOL ok ok, enough with the craziness!!! :D I just feel so happy at the moment and I can't explain why, or express the happiness... its like... During January while attending APJ-Sydney.. Everything suddenly clicked and now I understand God soooo much better!!! Its just simply amazing!! :D *I'm not saying I understand God completely or anything.. more like I have gone from totally not understanding him, to having a basic understanding of him* I hope that made sense :)

One day (the Monday) at APJ, I kinda had a facepalm moment where it was like "Duh!! See how good God is!? See how awesome he is?! See how he has always been here looking out for you and loving you even when you neglected him!?" And now I can see how he HAS always been there for me!!! Its a bit eye opening :)

Anyways this is all just really random!!! All I know is I love God, he is awesome, and he makes life soooo much more worth it!!!! :D

Lol, enjoy :P
Jazz =) 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Some Thoughts!

As I filled in my Prayer Journal, I was forced to stop.. the deep realisation hit me.. I am So blessed!!! I am blessed to even be able to read and write, I am blessed to live in Australia where I am free to be a Christian, I am blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home, I am blessed to have a place to call home! I am blessed!

I realised just how much I take things for granted! I’ve talked about this before, how we take things, especially the simple things like water for granted! But I forget to mention giving thanks.. where is our thankfulness? How often do we thank God for that cup of water we just drank? How often do we thank God for the piece of Chocolate we just ate? I can honestly tell you that I quite simply DO NOT thank God for these things, I just use the fact that I have them for my own good! I seriously need to change that, it is a simple thing to do:
1: Start off by Thanking God EVERY time you eat or drink something! Get that? EVERY time! I’m not even joking, you will be amazed how thankful you become for food and drink!
2: Make a Thankfullness wall/book! A thankfullness wall can be a sheet of carboard paper stuck to your wall in your bedroom or anything like that! There are two main things I suggest you do with your thankfullness wall! The rest you should be able to figure out yourself!
A: Every morning when you wake up, write one thing you are thankfull for, one thing!
B: Whenever you feel discontent with something, counter that by thinking of one thing      you are thankful for and write that down!!!
I realised how much I had been relying on ME not GOD! In everything I was looking for answers within myself, not trusting in God! As soon as I had changed that, as soon, as I had surrendered my life, my problems and my questions to God, I noticed/saw the answers to my prayers be revealed! And the key here is: Only two things changed! 1: I gave God control! 2: I started being thankfull for things and having a more optimistic attitude towards life, rather then being so pessimistic! Nothing else has changed, the amount of prayers answered hasn’t suddenly sky-rocketed, things haven’t suddenly gotten easier, its not like 2012 was a bad year, so now 2013 has to be amazing, because that’s not how it works!
I have reason to believe every year is as hard as the one before and after it, some things may affect us a bit more then others, but its not like God goes ‘Yep, I’m going to make you have a miserable life this year, so that you can have a happy one next year’ It is definitely all in our attitude towards God, towards other people and towards life!
I’m not saying that if we get that Thankful heart and give God control that things will be easy, but they will help so much! And I can’t stress that enough! When you take yourself out of the equation, it works so much better!

So in summary: I encourage you to give God control, make a thankfullness wall that you write something you are thankfull for on every morning and everytime you feel discontent! And make a Prayer Journal, write down your prayers and when you receive an answer to your prayer write it down also! And its hard I will admit it, the simple truth is that is is very hard to do these things and to stick by them, so don’t think its all going to be sunshine and lollipops, its going to be a difficult ride, but if you trust in God he will help you, no matter what!

I hope nothing I said was incorrect or anything, this is just what I was thinking about :) Thanks for reading!
Jazz =)

Saturday, 2 February 2013


At 'A Passion For Jesus- Sydney' One thing we got told was 'You should get a mentor' But what is a Mentor? I guess for me personally a mentor is:
1: Someone older then me, even if it is only by a year or so!

2: The same sex as you, if you are a female get a female Mentor, If you are male get a male mentor!

3: Further rooted in their faith then you

4: Someone who has proved they are trustworthy to you and can relate to you and your feelings

5: Someone God has chosen for you!! This is a big one!!! Don't go and choosing your own mentor, ask God for guidance and give it over to him! He knows better then anyone who the right person to be your mentor is!!!

Why should we get a Mentor? What are the advantages to having a Mentor? Again in my personal opinion, we should have a Mentor:
1: So we have someone to share things with, it helps us to keep open and stop any hidden sin entering our hearts!

2: So we have someone who can tell us when we are going wrong and we will know they are saying this in our best interests, not to hurt us!

3: To help us grow in our faith, because they will share their wisdom/knowledge of God with us!

4: We can ask them about their past experiences and learn from their mistakes/trials!

5: Because a good mentor will encourage us, even when we are feeling at our lowest!

Some guidelines we might need to follow with Mentors:
1: Don't put your complete trust/faith in them, they aren't God!

2: Don't forget they are human too, they have their own trials to go through, they make their own mistakes and sometimes they just may not be up to giving you all their support!

3: Don't pressure them with your burdens, this will just bring them down! Instead of just telling them whats wrong and dumping it on their shoulders, help them, with God, sort out your issues, after all they are your problems!!!

4: Pray for your mentor!!! Like I said, they have issues too!

I think that's about it from me! If anyone else has any thoughts or disagrees with anything I said, I'd love to hear back from you in the comments below!
Jazz! =)

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Summary of January

WOW!!!! What an Epic first month of 2013!!!!!!!! It has been a very God Blessed month and great way to start the year :D
I finally got to meet my 'Twin' while at the amazing APJ Sydney, where I learnt soooooo much and grew so much in my walk with God!
I got given a car, which was an answer to prayer, as I had no way of paying to buy one! I got signed up for TAFE! I got to re-meet a friend I haven't seen in years! And I got my P's!!!!
All these things only happened by the grace of God and for that I am truly thankful! Words cannot describe how Amazing this month has been!!!!

Here's to February being just as awesome as January! :D
Jazz =)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Language In Context This Video is pretty funny :P Its just an illustration and these guys aren't really serious :P

Jazz =)


I just got my P's!!!!! Sooooo excited and Happy! :D I can now officially drive myself around and stuff!!
To anyone going for their P's soon I hope you Pass! There really is nothing to worry about as long as you stay calm and focus! :D

Jazz :D

Weird Words :P

Has anyone else ever thought about the fact that Blog is a really strange word?? Because every time I look at the word Blog I can't help but make note of how weird it looks :P
Oh and Spike the longer you look at the word spike the weirder it gets.. Another one is Schedule.. I mean its just so weird :P The word weird is also really strange :P Infact there are tons of words that look weird! Vacuum is a really weird word too :P haha.. are there any words you find really weird??

Jazz! :D

Monday, 28 January 2013

Ten Second Pause

I think one of the hardest things ever is choosing how to react to people! Obvious answer is count to ten and stay calm, think before you speak.
But when you are in the moment and you are getting sworn at and being called all sorts of names it is so hard to take that few seconds to think! If you pause to think, the other person continues with their attack. If you react straight away you say things you will regret! Either way its like you lose, you can't show weakness because it makes the other person think they can attack you like this all the time, you can't break down in tears, you can't run, you can't yell, you can't fight because that just makes things worse!
I think you have to take that risk and just stop for ten seconds to think about the situation, when you have a temper like mine its extremely hard to do this though.. So yeah, its one of those things you have to work on over time I was really good at it but now I need to work on it again.. Just never give up on it, because things get a lot worse if you can't control you mouth!

Hope you enjoy,
Jazz =)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Beauty Of Nature!

One of the things that truly amazes me is the beauty of the Earth, the natural beauty.. Have you ever looked around and just sighed with pure joy at the sight of God's amazing handy work? I love going out and just looking at the landscape, even though I have lived in the same place for 17 years! It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the view is!
Actually that's one of the things I love about traveling, all the amazing new sights I get to see! There is so much beauty out there! My favourite places are up in the mountains where you stop and just look out from a lookout stand and see the breath taking sights! Its so awe inspiring! And when its raining I feel it has an even deeper sense of beauty, I don't know why, but views just seems so much more appealing when its raining! That's my opinion anyway!

Over and out,
Jazz :)

Taking Things For Granted

I was just sitting here thinking and it suddenly came to my attention how we take so much for granted!
Like seriously we take absolutely everything for granted! From Water to Money to Electricity ect! How many people in other countries would kill for a cup of water yet we so readily throw a cup of water down the sink and have 15minute showers that use liters and liters of water!
We have houses to live in, that have more then one or two rooms, running water and electricity! Some people don't even have a hut to call their home!
And money! Oh my! Money is something we over use and we take for granted so badly! While we are here buying new clothes just for the sake of it, or buying a camera because our old one isn't good enough, people are starving from a lack of money to get themselves food! Its just insane!
Another thing we take for granted is school, how many of you actually really hate/hated school? Did you know there are thousands of kids who would do absolutely anything to get the kind of education you have been blessed with!!!
Also we take our family for granted and its just really sad! Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was really struggling with my family, I treated them as objects not people, I was so used to them being around I had forgotten just how valuable they really are!
These are just a few general things most people take for granted, if I were to list the really personal things I take for granted, the list would be pretty big and I'm sure it would be the same for you! So I challenge you, take a look at yourself and see what things you take for granted and see if you can try to make them special once again, because things are so much better when they actually have some value rather then be useless bits of nothing!!!

#Something to ponder on!
Jazz =)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happiness.. What is it?

This is something I wrote up for a Facebook discussion group I run, I just thought people might be interested :)

'What is Happiness? The word happiness is defined as: ‘A state of well-being characterizied by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy’
So what brings this Happiness? How do we become happy? Is it through Money? Possessions? Alcohol? Drugs? Music? a good social life? Although these things bring a small amount of happiness, they never last as they are only temporary. Take for example the many millionaires in this world, so many are uncontent and unhappy despite the fact they can have just about anything on this earth that they desire! Some are so unhappy that they commit suicide!
No, money or any other wordly thing is not the key to happiness, so what is then?
I remember when I went to Vanuatu I saw the people had an overwhelming joy, but these people didn’t have much at all in the way of possessions, infact most of them are poor, so how then are these people so happy? What brings their happiness? Is it their family? Their friends? Their community? Again these things do bring a small amount of happiness, but there is something deeper, something these people have that brings contentment, joy and pure happiness. Something all people can have if they choose to have it, something all people need! So my questions for you are: What is it that brings true happiness? How do we get this happiness? And how do we share this Happiness?'

I hope you Enjoy,
Jazz =)

What is this Blog for?

Hey All!
So pretty much, I am a bit of writer and a thinker.. So I decided to share some of the things I think and write about, these things will be fairly random with absolutely no pattern or set plan that I follow ;)
I would love to hear your responses to the things I share!
Jazz =)

P.s: Be prepared for awesomeness ;)