Monday, 28 January 2013

Ten Second Pause

I think one of the hardest things ever is choosing how to react to people! Obvious answer is count to ten and stay calm, think before you speak.
But when you are in the moment and you are getting sworn at and being called all sorts of names it is so hard to take that few seconds to think! If you pause to think, the other person continues with their attack. If you react straight away you say things you will regret! Either way its like you lose, you can't show weakness because it makes the other person think they can attack you like this all the time, you can't break down in tears, you can't run, you can't yell, you can't fight because that just makes things worse!
I think you have to take that risk and just stop for ten seconds to think about the situation, when you have a temper like mine its extremely hard to do this though.. So yeah, its one of those things you have to work on over time I was really good at it but now I need to work on it again.. Just never give up on it, because things get a lot worse if you can't control you mouth!

Hope you enjoy,
Jazz =)

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