Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happiness.. What is it?

This is something I wrote up for a Facebook discussion group I run, I just thought people might be interested :)

'What is Happiness? The word happiness is defined as: ‘A state of well-being characterizied by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy’
So what brings this Happiness? How do we become happy? Is it through Money? Possessions? Alcohol? Drugs? Music? a good social life? Although these things bring a small amount of happiness, they never last as they are only temporary. Take for example the many millionaires in this world, so many are uncontent and unhappy despite the fact they can have just about anything on this earth that they desire! Some are so unhappy that they commit suicide!
No, money or any other wordly thing is not the key to happiness, so what is then?
I remember when I went to Vanuatu I saw the people had an overwhelming joy, but these people didn’t have much at all in the way of possessions, infact most of them are poor, so how then are these people so happy? What brings their happiness? Is it their family? Their friends? Their community? Again these things do bring a small amount of happiness, but there is something deeper, something these people have that brings contentment, joy and pure happiness. Something all people can have if they choose to have it, something all people need! So my questions for you are: What is it that brings true happiness? How do we get this happiness? And how do we share this Happiness?'

I hope you Enjoy,
Jazz =)


  1. Great thoughts here Jazz! :D Thanx for sharing!
    Jesus, the Giver and the Sustainer of life is what makes my life worth living, and by living this life in and through Christ Jesus, true deep happiness and joy I have found! :) and how do i share this happiness?! By sharing the love of Jesus! :)
    So great you are sharing this awesome stuff! keep it up Jazz! :) God bless you! Em xox

    P.S you went to VANUATU?! I LOVE Vanuatu... never been there, but Vanuatu has a really special place in my heart - So would love to go there, God Willing, for some mission! did you go on a mission trip there?! :) xo

    1. Thanks for the Response Em :D I agree with what you said :)

      Yeah I went to Vanuatu last year :) It is a truly amazing place and the people are so inspirational! I went with my Biblestudy! We went to schools and did puppet plays, songs, testimonies and just spent time with the kids it was such an awesome experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone! If you have any questions about it feel free to ask! :D xx