Thursday, 31 January 2013

Summary of January

WOW!!!! What an Epic first month of 2013!!!!!!!! It has been a very God Blessed month and great way to start the year :D
I finally got to meet my 'Twin' while at the amazing APJ Sydney, where I learnt soooooo much and grew so much in my walk with God!
I got given a car, which was an answer to prayer, as I had no way of paying to buy one! I got signed up for TAFE! I got to re-meet a friend I haven't seen in years! And I got my P's!!!!
All these things only happened by the grace of God and for that I am truly thankful! Words cannot describe how Amazing this month has been!!!!

Here's to February being just as awesome as January! :D
Jazz =)


  1. Hey Jazz,
    Emily Roberts here. Having to use my sister's account cause I don't have one, but loving the blog. So glad that January was a good month for you, and that so many of your prayers were answered!!!

  2. Thanks Emily! :D I have made it so you can comment without having an account now :) hope that makes things easier for you :) xx