Friday, 3 May 2013

Overthinking... Justice

If there was one benefit to being sick, I would say it is the fact that you get plenty of time to think about plenty of things.. Over the past week I have been very sick with a cold, and if I wasn't sleeping I was lying around thinking about things, or just writing stuff down...

One thing I have been really thinking about is Justice.. How many times do you hear people on TV or Radio complaining about their Bills and how the prices are unjust? They get on there and they complain and say how the deserve justice.. but justice isn't lowering our water-bills, justice is providing water for those who don't have water(or at least not clean water).. Justice is levelling the playing field, so that everyone gets to play, so the everyone gets to eat, so that everyone gets to hope.. We should be striving to seek justice, whether we are christian or not, whether we feel like our current place in life is unjust or not,  as Christians we should be striving to bring justice for the glory of God.. And there are so many ways we can do our part to help bring justice, if everyone did their part and worked together we would be able to remove poverty as we know it and instead have the just world we all want!  We can sponsor children, donate money to companies like World Vision and Compassion, donate money to Missionaries, Go on missions trips and help bless people, pay for others to go on missions trips, we can give prayer support, words of encouragement ect the list goes on and on! Instead of spending all your 'spare' money on things like extra clothes that you really don't need, or upgrading to the latest Phone just because you can, or buying a ridiculous amount of makeup/shoes/games and any other items that we really don't need.. why not help others get the basic things in life that they need?
I'm not saying we can't go and treat ourselves to things.. but don't you feel bad knowing you have all this money to spend on whatever you like, when there are people who can't afford food and water, or an education? So go on, take heart, get out of your comfort zone and take a stand for justice and for God.. we have the power to end this, the question is: "Will we? Will we take the stand and fight for justice?"

#yeahsomeonehasbeenthinkingtoomuch! :P

Jazz =)