Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Randomness :P

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I just discovered the fact that you can make the text different colours on here.. :P I am so slow sometimes :P well I haven't actually done much blogging on the actual computer as of yet, most of its been on Mobile Phones.. I love different coloured text!!! :D :P 

LOL ok ok, enough with the craziness!!! :D I just feel so happy at the moment and I can't explain why, or express the happiness... its like... During January while attending APJ-Sydney.. Everything suddenly clicked and now I understand God soooo much better!!! Its just simply amazing!! :D *I'm not saying I understand God completely or anything.. more like I have gone from totally not understanding him, to having a basic understanding of him* I hope that made sense :)

One day (the Monday) at APJ, I kinda had a facepalm moment where it was like "Duh!! See how good God is!? See how awesome he is?! See how he has always been here looking out for you and loving you even when you neglected him!?" And now I can see how he HAS always been there for me!!! Its a bit eye opening :)

Anyways this is all just really random!!! All I know is I love God, he is awesome, and he makes life soooo much more worth it!!!! :D

Lol, enjoy :P
Jazz =) 

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