Saturday, 2 February 2013


At 'A Passion For Jesus- Sydney' One thing we got told was 'You should get a mentor' But what is a Mentor? I guess for me personally a mentor is:
1: Someone older then me, even if it is only by a year or so!

2: The same sex as you, if you are a female get a female Mentor, If you are male get a male mentor!

3: Further rooted in their faith then you

4: Someone who has proved they are trustworthy to you and can relate to you and your feelings

5: Someone God has chosen for you!! This is a big one!!! Don't go and choosing your own mentor, ask God for guidance and give it over to him! He knows better then anyone who the right person to be your mentor is!!!

Why should we get a Mentor? What are the advantages to having a Mentor? Again in my personal opinion, we should have a Mentor:
1: So we have someone to share things with, it helps us to keep open and stop any hidden sin entering our hearts!

2: So we have someone who can tell us when we are going wrong and we will know they are saying this in our best interests, not to hurt us!

3: To help us grow in our faith, because they will share their wisdom/knowledge of God with us!

4: We can ask them about their past experiences and learn from their mistakes/trials!

5: Because a good mentor will encourage us, even when we are feeling at our lowest!

Some guidelines we might need to follow with Mentors:
1: Don't put your complete trust/faith in them, they aren't God!

2: Don't forget they are human too, they have their own trials to go through, they make their own mistakes and sometimes they just may not be up to giving you all their support!

3: Don't pressure them with your burdens, this will just bring them down! Instead of just telling them whats wrong and dumping it on their shoulders, help them, with God, sort out your issues, after all they are your problems!!!

4: Pray for your mentor!!! Like I said, they have issues too!

I think that's about it from me! If anyone else has any thoughts or disagrees with anything I said, I'd love to hear back from you in the comments below!
Jazz! =)


  1. Hey Jael! :) I totally agree with you. :) Do you have a mentor yet? I realised that just close older "girl" friends are great as a mentor, and that I have one in my life without me even calling her a mentor! :P Haha.

    1. Haha I am probably around the same :) I have a slightly older girl whom I talk to about stuff, but I don't really call her my mentor :P it might be wise to take that step, I am praying about it :)

  2. Great thoughts! :) totally am with you in this! :)