Sunday, 3 February 2013

Some Thoughts!

As I filled in my Prayer Journal, I was forced to stop.. the deep realisation hit me.. I am So blessed!!! I am blessed to even be able to read and write, I am blessed to live in Australia where I am free to be a Christian, I am blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home, I am blessed to have a place to call home! I am blessed!

I realised just how much I take things for granted! I’ve talked about this before, how we take things, especially the simple things like water for granted! But I forget to mention giving thanks.. where is our thankfulness? How often do we thank God for that cup of water we just drank? How often do we thank God for the piece of Chocolate we just ate? I can honestly tell you that I quite simply DO NOT thank God for these things, I just use the fact that I have them for my own good! I seriously need to change that, it is a simple thing to do:
1: Start off by Thanking God EVERY time you eat or drink something! Get that? EVERY time! I’m not even joking, you will be amazed how thankful you become for food and drink!
2: Make a Thankfullness wall/book! A thankfullness wall can be a sheet of carboard paper stuck to your wall in your bedroom or anything like that! There are two main things I suggest you do with your thankfullness wall! The rest you should be able to figure out yourself!
A: Every morning when you wake up, write one thing you are thankfull for, one thing!
B: Whenever you feel discontent with something, counter that by thinking of one thing      you are thankful for and write that down!!!
I realised how much I had been relying on ME not GOD! In everything I was looking for answers within myself, not trusting in God! As soon as I had changed that, as soon, as I had surrendered my life, my problems and my questions to God, I noticed/saw the answers to my prayers be revealed! And the key here is: Only two things changed! 1: I gave God control! 2: I started being thankfull for things and having a more optimistic attitude towards life, rather then being so pessimistic! Nothing else has changed, the amount of prayers answered hasn’t suddenly sky-rocketed, things haven’t suddenly gotten easier, its not like 2012 was a bad year, so now 2013 has to be amazing, because that’s not how it works!
I have reason to believe every year is as hard as the one before and after it, some things may affect us a bit more then others, but its not like God goes ‘Yep, I’m going to make you have a miserable life this year, so that you can have a happy one next year’ It is definitely all in our attitude towards God, towards other people and towards life!
I’m not saying that if we get that Thankful heart and give God control that things will be easy, but they will help so much! And I can’t stress that enough! When you take yourself out of the equation, it works so much better!

So in summary: I encourage you to give God control, make a thankfullness wall that you write something you are thankfull for on every morning and everytime you feel discontent! And make a Prayer Journal, write down your prayers and when you receive an answer to your prayer write it down also! And its hard I will admit it, the simple truth is that is is very hard to do these things and to stick by them, so don’t think its all going to be sunshine and lollipops, its going to be a difficult ride, but if you trust in God he will help you, no matter what!

I hope nothing I said was incorrect or anything, this is just what I was thinking about :) Thanks for reading!
Jazz =)


  1. I love this .Its really tru great.

    1. Thanks Jayvee :) Glad you like it :)

  2. wow Jazz! thankyou sooo much for writing this down... 100% agree! :)
    I really needed this today - was such a blessing to me! God is sooo good! :)
    Keep up the awesome posts! Em xox

    1. My Pleasure Em!:D I am more than glad to share these things :)God is great with his timing!!! :) xx